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Choose Love. Not Hate.

iPledgeLove.org was founded on this very simple principle. Because in a room full of love, it’s impossible for hate to exist.

Founded in Madison, WI, our board is comprised of individuals with varied and diverse backgrounds. And while our past and present experiences may be different, our hearts believe the same – that any change must start from within.

Our mission is to educate and inspire others to reject all forms of racism and hatred from their lives by reading and signing our pledge, and to live by that promise each and every day.

iPledgeLove.org is not a political or religious organization. We are not asking for monetary donations.

But what we are asking for is your time and your honesty. As you read the pledge, take the time to really understand the meaning behind the words and be honest with yourself. Are there ways you can change your mindset, to see the world just a little differently? To choose love over hate, always? If your answer is, “yes,” please sign the pledge.

And then, please share the pledge with your family and friends. Because we firmly believe that change starts with you. When you choose to be the change and to encourage others to do the same, our message of love, compassion and empathy will grow. The beauty is WE have the power to make a change. Together we can empower and inspire. Together we can grow. Together we can make our communities strong. Together we can end racism and hate.

Our Story and Core Beliefs

If you ask any writer how to get past a strong case of writer’s block, they will say to take a shower. For some reason, water seems to make the ideas flow.

But big problems need more than a small shower.

Which is why iPledgeLove.org was started in a car wash.

It was there that our founding member, Jeff Bartzen, came up with an incredibly easy solution to one of the most difficult issues to solve – racism. His thought was that alone, he was limited in his reach to teach love over hate; but, if he could find a group of like-minded people, together they would have the power to affect change, teach love, and stand up to racism.

iPledgeLove.org is a peaceful group that believes education is the solution to the existence of hatred and racism. In many cases racism can be caused by hateful feelings, but many times it can also simply be ignorance. In either case, the feelings and ideas stem from faulty beliefs. For example, the idea that one person is better than another person is just plain false. All human lives are of equal value and the idea that one life is better than another life based upon skin color or ethnic background is specifically faulty.

Through education, understanding, love, and forgiveness (of oneself and others), iPlegeLove.org believes it is possible to re-train the brain and heart to understand that racism and hatred in all forms are not only life limiting, but completely unnecessary.

We hope, in our own small way, to lend our voices, along with all of yours, to say NO to racism and hatred. Likewise, we hope to, along with all of you, say yes to love and acceptance.

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